November 2, 2008

A Busy Week

I know I haven't been hanging out around here a lot. I have been working on several really cool projects for my education blog. One of my classes this year is based on using technology in the classroom and so I have been working on projects for that. So far we have made digital video slide shows and then working with a program called comic life. The funny thing is that Eli is in a technology centered class for third and fourth grade. It is called one to one and is mainly used in the more remote classrooms in other parts of Alaska but his teacher received a grant to try it here in Kodiak. Anyway, he is basically learning everything I am learning! So when I say I have to do a project with Comic Life he is like "Oh, comic life I have done that....." So if you want to see what I have been working on over there just click on the linky over on the right!
I did finish up the kids' Halloween costumes. I took a Math test this week and assignment, finished a tech project, and wrote my 8 page paper I thought was due next week but was due this week. Phew! I was so crazy! Thankfully, Aaron is my secretary and he typed my whole paper and played Mr. Mom at home cooking dinner and taking kids to school, piano and play practice. I love that man! I really couldn't do anything without his love and support. Baby, You Rock!
I hope to post some pictures tomorrow of the things we did for Halloween. We had a great time!

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Anonymous said...

What a great guy your hubby is :-)

In answer to your question . . . We answered the door a couple of times on Halloween - we had friends who came over to show us their little ones. Then, of course, a few others that happened by saw our light on. We only had a few groups come through. Then we just turned off the lights and watched a movie. It was fun :-)