November 4, 2008

Keep Alaska Red!

Well, today is the day! Finally we here the end of it! Whatever way it turns out. I voted for McCain today. As Elisabeth Hasselbeck calls it I am an Americain! In fact both Aaron and I voted straight down our party line. We both voted for Don Young and Ted Stevens. Here's the thing...I really didn't want to. The problem with voting for Begich and Berkowitz is that it gives the Democrats a super majority especially if they win the Presidency and no matter how many times Mark says he will vote against his party on issues such as gun control and ANWR I don't trust him anymore then I trust the fact that Steven's should still be running. I do wish that Parnell was on the ticket.
So here is our strategy. Say Stevens makes it into office and is sentenced to prison or is otherwise unable to perform his duties. Sarah will be able to appoint whomever (Parnell) she wants to as his replacement. If Sarah is VP (fingers crossed) then Parnell as her replacement for Governor will be able to appoint whomever he wants. We shall see how it all turns out. Were going over to the neighbors tonight to watch the results come in. Were bringing a cake to either celebrate or lick our wounds. Either way we get chocolate cake!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not in Ak - I would be SICK about who to vote for between Stevens/Begich. I'm on right now waiting for results. And to add to my consternation, Tyler was with APD when Begich was mayor and (don't tell anyone I said this) he was a good mayor. Whew - glad I didn't have to wrestle with that!!

ddeloose said...

Well I feel your pain. I'm glad that you voted for Stevens there's always that presidential pardon. You know that the legislature passed a new law that the govenor can no longer appoint a replacement there has to be an election within 90 days.I would really like to see sarah run for that if she's up to it. I think she woke up a few people down here in the lower 48