November 22, 2008

The Orphan Flu

I was really hoping we would have been able to get through this week without it. Early this morning it claimed it first victim in the Griffin house. Poor Peachie woke up really sick. The reason for the name is because many of the cast members in Annie! have taken their turn getting it. I guess when you spend that much time in close quarters with 79 people you are bound to get sick. I have been bleaching and hand washing all morning to try and keep the germs at bay. Tonight is the last night of performances and I plan to 1)Spend as much time as I can away from the other adults and children in the green room. 2)Bring my own snacks to avoid the community snack table where who knows what kinds of bugs are growing.
Aaron and the boys went sledding today because we got a lot of snow this week. I am sure they are having an awesome time. We think we have finally reached the point where are kids are old enough to enjoy winter activities like sledding and ice skating without melting after a only half an hour. It is going to be a fun winter this year I hope.

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Sarah said...

It is so fun that your kids get to be in all those plays! Poor Peachie though, it is just the pits when you have sick kids, and it makes for sleepless nights and tons more laundry for you. Good for you for attempting to keep the germs at bay, I hope no one else gets sick! As far as enjoying the winter activities goes, I am a little jealous, we have about one more year before we will be able to do that with out a melt down or potty accident, man I am I looking forward to that. So, come on now, you want more kids right??? RIGHT?? Ha! Can you imagine starting all over again with a baby?? Whooooooeeeeee....NOT ME!
Love you friend!