November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving is on Wendesday

Thanksgiving is an interesting time of year at the Griffin house. We get it twice! I think God wants to remind us how much he has truly blessed us and give us ample opportunity to count our blessings. Out of ten Thanksgivings,eleven counting while we were dating, Aaron and I have spent two together at home. Lots of couples and families work around crazy schedules and sadly, lengthy deployments. I thank God that my husband is safe and warm at his fire station just down the road and not thousands of miles and months from home. We make the best of it. This year we are cooking a ham and all the fixings to celebrate on Wednesday. We will put out the fancy plates and cloth napkins. Watch a new movie and play board games and pretend like its Thanksgiving anyway. Thanksgiving day we would usually join Aaron for a big dinner at the fire station but this year plans are a little different. The station is being remodeled and the kitchen isn't finished yet. So the kids and I were invited to a friends house. Aaron will go to the chow hall.......hmmmm. Maybe, I will bring him a plate of food from Bronwyn's house.
I added this neat program that lets you add your voice to pictures. To get the full effect click the little play button in the middle of the picture. There is about a four second delay between slides or you can click the big arrow button. This is one of the last projects for my class about using technology in the classroom. Only about a week and a half left!

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Anonymous said...

We've had to adjust a lot of holidays over the 11 years Tyler has been in law enforcement. I don't even blink twice about it anymore. I'm glad you've found the secret for keeping your sanity :-)