July 29, 2008

The Griffin's Are Back in Town!

Yep, we made it home from our super long but lots of fun vacation. We had a great time in Hawaii, the kids had a great time with grandma. Everyone was happy almost all the time. Back in Kodiak now and the weather is smoking nice. Retuning from Hawaii's hot weather to the cold summer weather of Anchorage this year was criminal. Thankfully, we returned to Kodiak and the sun came with us! The last two days have been awesome with 65 degree's yesterday and 69 degree's today. We hit the beaches quick.
Unfortunately all that play has left me with a bit of a head cold and no intention of unpacking the bags and bags of junk.
Here are few pictures of some of the stuff we did in Hawaii and in Anchorage. I plan to make a Flikr account so if anyone want to see more they can.

Lava flowing into the ocean was really cool!

You shouldn't play with lava steam!

You might get burned!

July 5, 2008

Big Blog Update With Lots of Pictures!

Well, this week has been super busy. We made the ferry trip to Homer and it was a lot of fun. The water was so calm we made it in to port 2 hours ahead of schedule. We then drove straight to Eagle River to see Grandma. So far we have been shopping and playing. I guess I will just get on to the pictures so you can see what we have been up to.

The Saga was leaving port when we were leaving.

Notice this No Smoking sign? When Peach saw this sign she pointed to it and said "If any ghosts try to get in here we tell them "No ghosts allowed". It was so funny!

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind!

I think I got our Christmas card for this year.

It has been warm in Anchorage so the kids have been playing in Grandma's backyard a lot.

Our 10 year anniversary dinner at Orso's our favorite place to go on a fancy date.

The boys got to play with some really big toys at the 3rd of July fireworks at the park near grandma's house. We walked up and sat in the grass to watch. They do them at midnight on the 3rd of July here in ER.

And here is the picture of Eli in costume for his play. Isn't he a nerdy boy?
Now, Aaron and I are off to Hawaii so we will check back in later from the Islands! Woot!