January 17, 2008

Back from Anchorage

The whirlwind trip to Anchorage to have Elijah seen is over...and now comes the treatment part. Dr. Arnold is amazing! What a cool doctor...he came in and starting talking to Eli like Donal Duck! It was so much fun to watch him work with him. =)

Anyhow, here's the skinny. We're not sure how far back it goes, but Eli hasn't seen well out of his right eye for some time. The brain does some funky stuff when the 2 eyes see different, and actually wind up ignoring the signal from the bad eye and lean on the good eye. So basically, we're looking at a contact lense for the correction of the magnification, and glasses over top to correct the astigmatism and protect his good eye. AND, he'll have to wear a patch over the left eye for 2 hours a day, to forec his brain to use his right eye.....and hopefully after 4 weeks of this, he'll see a 2 line improvement on the chart. At least we should expect something like that.

It's more about retraining the brain to use that eye, then just correcting the vision.

And that's that.....

We ask that you pray for Beth and Zach. They're have some trouble getting out of Guatamala right now....and we all want them to be home. If you don't know them, they're friends of ours here in Kodiak.

Love you all, will talk soon.


January 14, 2008

Checking In!

Well now that Christmas is over and the tree is finally tucked away for another year we are already getting very busy. The boys are back in school-thank you! I start school tomorrow and am going to busy with those classes. No rest for the weary you know.
The news this week is that Eli needs glasses and eye treatment. Eli got hurt at school just before Christmas break. He had been complaining that his eye was blurry so we took him in to see the eye doctor and were informed that he had ambliopia. Basicly his left eye see's 20/20 but his right eye is not focusing. In fact the right eye goes black when he focusses on anything for too long.
There is a very good eye doctor in Anchorage a specialist for children. We are taking a trip tomorrow via the Coast Guard C130 to see him and get a little more information on what can be done. We will be in town for two days. Shopping!!!!
Hopefully we can get a little more insight as to what the future holds for our boy. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers his appointment is very early Wednesday morning.
Sorry no pictures.