January 23, 2009

The Toilet Wars

Some of you may not know this but Aaron and I have been fighting a long and exhausting battle with the porcelain swallower. For the most part is hasn't been swallowing. It tends to vomit its contents all over the place. This has led to a plunger wielding firefighter and Grandma with a pipe snake up at 5:30 am the day after Christmas trying to "solve the problem". It didn't help that it was the kids bathroom I think every time they flushed the toilet they feared for their lives.
We thought we had the problem under control but this morning the poor turd burglar lost its battle with whatever was wrong and promptly spilled its guts(2 inches of water) on the bathroom floor. It was clear the kind of action that needed to take place. That throne was coming off the floor and getting a royal flushing! So Aaron sucked up the water with a shop vac, brought out the necessary equipment and gave the toilet a big hug!
He determined that the problem lay somewhere in the S curve so started to run a lot of water through the toilet which was in the bathtub at this point. The water began to push out toilet paper and a mysterious object
Another object came out as well......must have been stuck behind the glow stick! Let me just say seeing that was about the grossest thing I have seen in a really long time! Oooh it give me the shivers. I will spare you the details. Not that I haven't been detailed enought already right? At least I didn't take a picture of that.

January 13, 2009

Were Going to Disney!

We are so excited to take the kids to Disney World. We were waiting for Peach to be old enought to not NEED a nap everyday and no diapers or strollers or sippy cups and this is the year to go! I think we are going to do the Cruise and maybe spend a few extra day in the park. There is so much to do that we know we wont be able to everything this time around. The millitary rate this year is so good Aaron will go for free and me and the kids would be 150 each and that is for the waterparks and the park hopper and that is for 5 days. Planning stuff like this for your kids is so fun. I am so grateful that we can do this for them. Not to mention I am a roller coaster junkie so I am so stoked. Oh and Grandma and Uncle Steven are comming as well as Aaron's sister Beth her hubby Keith their little boy Brady and possibly Aaron's mom.

January 6, 2009

Curly Hair Girl

Last night I decided to roll Peachies hair in foam rollers. I was wondering how long the curl would last as her hair is board straight like mine. I moused and hair sprayed each section before rolling it. Then she had to wear a pair of clean panties on her head to hold the curlers in while she slept. I didn't have anything else. She had a little trouble falling asleep but when she woke up in the morning she looked so cute with her curls.

I could not get her to keep her eyes open for any of these pictures.

Silly Girl!

I think she thought if she kept her mouth open she would be able to keep her eyes open too!
Peachies big gift this year was a doll house with furniture. We have really had fun time playing with it.

Rambo Caleb

January 4, 2009

Back in the Blog Box

Well, trying to anyway. Right now I have a killer toothache and the meds are starting to kick in. Christmas was awesome the kids loved all their gifts. They played together the whole two weeks pretty well. One of the rules we set up for Christmas break was that they would not be allowed to play their Nintendo DS games. They are a hand held type game and they literally suck the life out of them! They get very absorbed. So in an effort to encourage constructive play we simply nixed them. They did awesome and didn't even ask once to play. They played with all of their new toys, colored, baked and we watched old family movies too! We had a family Wii night but we all played together.
WE had the Koehlers for Christmas Dinner and had a great time visiting and enjoying the Perfect Turkey. Our new oven which is affectionately named the Star Treck Oven has a setting called perfect turkey. You insert a probe into the turkey plug it into the oven wall and touch the perfect turkey button. The probe monitors the temp of the bird and uses convection to work magic. The turkey was awesome and I have to say even better then a fried one!
School starts tomorrow for the kids and boy do they need a break from me! They are ready to have a schedule again and see their classmates.
I start my first class on the 12th and the rest the following wing. I have signed up for 10 credits this semester so I will be a busy bee. The more classes I take the sooner I can finish. I hope to start my internship year in 2012. I work full time at the school for a whole year while submitting portfolio work. I am still not sure I will be a working mom even after I finish my degree but we shall see. I would love to teach Kindergarten but Aaron would have to be on a different schedule I would prefer him to be home every night if I was working and not working 48 hours at a time or more.
Soon as I get to the other computer I will post some pictures. I really wish it would snow. We don't much of any right now and I want to try snow shoeing!