November 30, 2008

Target is my favorite Store

Well it has been a very sick week here at the Griffin house. With Peachie being the first to get the the flu we have all taken our turn. Wednesday we are getting off the island and I hope that a change in scenery will help kill some of the germs for us. Kodiak can be a very contagious little town. Once the germs start spreading around they see to multiply. Hopefully, this trip will clear things up for all of us.


Sarah said...

So sorry the whole family got sick friend! Where are you guys going? Just to Anchorage? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Our family is leaving this Friday and heading for Minneapolis, Todd has TDY there and then after that we are spending 2 1/2 weeks in Iowa for Christmas! We are so excited, it has been nearly 2 years since we have seen his family and the girls have changed so much. We are so looking forward to spending time at our old church as well. We have such great friends there. Miss them much, I hope to move back some day. HA! Now I am hijacking YOUR comment space! Well, if I don't comment, you know that I am gone and won't be back until January---Have a Merry Christmas! (((hugs)))


Anonymous said...

Have fun in the big city! I take it you'll be hitting up the new Target, eh??