December 22, 2007

Poppop Sassard's Traditional Ambrosia

For as far back as anyone can remember, one of the family traditions, which started well before my grandfather was born, was to make a citrus ambrosia for Christmas.

My mother's father, Poppop Sassard, was from the south. Growing up in South Carolina and Florida, citrus fruits were available in abundance. My Great Grandmother made this ambrosia for as long as my grandfather could remember back. This was passed down to him, who then took it to Baltimore where it was carried on as a tradition there every Christmas.

I have fond memories of Christmases past, where all the adults of the household were busy helping in the kitchen, peeling, and seeding, and dicing all the fruit that goes into the mix. So here my mother is, passing this tradition on to me....close to my 30'th birthday, and what I truly consider the end of my childhood. Now I'm an adult, spending hours in the kitchen, making this delicious Christmas tradition for my own part of the family.

Here's Mom and I workin on it.

The First Presents of CHRISTMAS!!!!

So the first box of presents arrived from Christmas this year. It's from my Dad and Sandy in Texas....and boy were we surprised! The kids just went CRAZY! It's gonna kill them to wait till Christmas to unwrap them, now that there's presents under the tree....but that's the rule of the house.'s a picture of the kids near the tree......and Thanks Dad, we love you.

December 6, 2007

I do know how Blogs work!

I know, I know its my job to update the blog. And I have only one excuse-okay well I guess I don't really have a very good excuse but I have pictures! We finshed OZ! Total OZ time 35 hours of practice and with 5 three hour preformance and a 2 hour curtain call 25 hours preformance time. Eli loved every minute of it and I have to say that he has a talent for theatre!

Caleb had a great month! He turned 6 years old!

And a Caleb with a couple of his birthday presents! Spiderman and a TV in his room!