February 6, 2009

The Best Part About January

My first child turned 9!

Nothing in the world grows you up quicker then having a child. And there is nothing like that first night in the hospital with your newborn. Aaron and I were pretty scared but thankfully we learned pretty quick. At least by baby number two. First borns have it pretty rough I think the first to sleep through the night, potty train and they definitely have to break mom and dad in. I can remember driving around Anchorage with Eli in the backseat just hoping he would fall asleep. Then as soon as we walked in the door he would wake up screaming! He experienced our first taste of government housing with us and kept me company during Aaron's four month deployment to Kuwait. He is our little tester baby and I am sorry to say there will be plenty more for us to test out on you Buddie. Like driving and girlfriends and JUNIOR HIGH!

Here are a few pictures of our little guy. I had to scan a lot of them as he was a BDC baby. That is Before Digital Camera.

It really seems to get a lot harder to find a picture of just Eli without his siblings in it. Move over I guess.

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Anonymous said...

I have so much to say - lol.

1 - Happy late birthday, Eli. I do remember the "will Daddy deploy" drama surrounding his birth. I think it was him.

2 - Both of my kids are BDC!!

3 - I love your new background! My daughter's b-day is next week and she found some hearts 'n owl party stuff at Target. Really didn't expect to see THAT anywhere again.