February 22, 2009

My Excuse for NOT blogging this week.

1. I can't wait to post an entry with my NEW blog design which should be ready in just a few days. I can't wait to see the finished design. So far from my previews I am in total love with it. I tried hard to tell the designer sweet Shauna what I wanted. I can't even begin to try and imagine how difficult it is to create something for another person using their artistic eye.

2.While Aaron was only home a total of 24 hours this week I made it through with out any permanent mental damage.

3. The last few days have been gloriously sunny and we have been trying to soak up the Vit D. Through the glass but hey that counts!

4.Aaron was off on Saturday, Today, Monday and Tuesday! Then its back to the "normal" schedule of 48 on with 48 off. Much more manageable for me.

Saturday was the perfect day. When Aaron got home from work we went out for breakfast and kinda drove around K-town. While it was super sunny the wind was really cold at 25 mph and steady. So I decided I needed to go for a tan in the tanning bed. It felt great and I hope I didn't expose myself to anything cancerous but sometimes a girl just has to feel warm. I bought myself some new make up. Its the Bare Minerals stuff and then....I got to go to a Body Shop party with my BFF Beth.
After a great dinner we took the kids out to the CG pool to swim and for ice cream afterward. The Koehler family came wiht us. You think we like hanging out with these people? It was a totally awesome day and a great way to reconnect as a family ad try and make up for lost time together.
I including some pictures of us doing Winter stuff. This year we purchased ice skates and have been enjoying learning how to skate. Aaron and I had not been in skates for 10 years. Eli is quite the natural, Caleb is learning a little more each time and Naomi is pretty much fearless. We go on Monday nights and for the most part have the whole rink to ourselves.

While I was at my Body Shop party Aaron took the kids to Fort Abercrombie to walk out on the lake.
I love how mono-chromatic their jackets look in this picture.

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

I use a lot of the Bare Minerals makeup . . . . .I love it!

Sarah said...

You'll have to let me know how that Bare minerals stuff works. I have been curious about trying it, I am just not sure it would work for my skin.
What a great way to spend family time! Ice skating...so Alaskan!