February 15, 2009

Rainy Sunday!

Well its a rainy Sunday today and the island is melting like a giant ice cube floating in the gray gulf of Alaskan waters. The wind isn't blowing right now so that is nice. Aaron is at work again this Sunday. Its so hard to go to church without your whole family. I know its important for me to take the kids no matter what Aarons schedule is. All though I really had to push myself to get out of the house this morning.
Currently, Aarons schedule has him spending 72 hours at work and 24 hours at home. It doesn't make a lot of room for family time but we are trying. Despite the hours at the station I know one thing. God is so good to have given my husband a wonderful job. With his job we are able to live very comfortably. I don't have to work and have the pleasure of staying home to care for my children. Even when the hours of me being the only parent seem to mount up I always try to remind myself that there are so many people right now in our country who are going through tough times financially. I just have to give myself a good swift kick in pants every now and then.

Not a picture from today but it was another rainy day. Just the boys playing soccer.
Oh and I did buy a new blog design. Its going to be customized just for me. Yep, honey I did! But don't you worry I have a surprise coming for you too!


Anonymous said...

I have to remind myself of the same thing. My husband has a LOT of job security and I don't take that for granted.

I had to go to church alone for YEARS! Especially when the kids were little . . . . it was very hard. But God smiles on your faithfulness ;-)

Troy and Jenn said...

Melissa, you are alot more patient and understanding than I am! I would be an unhappy wife if Troy was gone that much! I'm glad that God allows us to have what we can handle and not have what we couldn't handle. You keep it up!! You have great character. I will remember and learn from it. Jennifer