January 23, 2009

The Toilet Wars

Some of you may not know this but Aaron and I have been fighting a long and exhausting battle with the porcelain swallower. For the most part is hasn't been swallowing. It tends to vomit its contents all over the place. This has led to a plunger wielding firefighter and Grandma with a pipe snake up at 5:30 am the day after Christmas trying to "solve the problem". It didn't help that it was the kids bathroom I think every time they flushed the toilet they feared for their lives.
We thought we had the problem under control but this morning the poor turd burglar lost its battle with whatever was wrong and promptly spilled its guts(2 inches of water) on the bathroom floor. It was clear the kind of action that needed to take place. That throne was coming off the floor and getting a royal flushing! So Aaron sucked up the water with a shop vac, brought out the necessary equipment and gave the toilet a big hug!
He determined that the problem lay somewhere in the S curve so started to run a lot of water through the toilet which was in the bathtub at this point. The water began to push out toilet paper and a mysterious object
Another object came out as well......must have been stuck behind the glow stick! Let me just say seeing that was about the grossest thing I have seen in a really long time! Oooh it give me the shivers. I will spare you the details. Not that I haven't been detailed enought already right? At least I didn't take a picture of that.


Sarah said...

Oooo, what was the mysterious object? Did the kids flush something down there?

That is a terrible ongoing probelm to have. Can't say as that I envy you. I sure am glad you got it fixed though...right?? It is now fixed? YAY!


Alexander Clan said...

I hate toilet problems. Eric has been so afraid that Gage will get adventerous and try flushing something that isn't supposed to down the the porcelin waterslide. Glad your problem is fixed...Yeah forPlumber Aaron...