March 28, 2008

Things we say to our kids.

Naomi has been my shadow lately. When I say shadow I mean she is attached to me at the hip. I have gotten into the habit of locking the bedroom and the bathroom door because she will walk right in like she should be there. She emptys the dishwasher with me and folds the laundry and she even will get down on the bathroom floor with a babywipe if I am in there tidying up or something. Anyway you can get the picture I am sure. Today after she "fixed" my hair for the third time I found myself saying
"Child, would you just walk away from me for a few minutes." So she walked away, and I felt my heart go with her. What I should have realized was that in just a short time she will be walking away and I will be the one that wants her to come back. Baby Blues this week has had the same theme. The days are long but the years are short. The years around here are really going by fast and I know I will look back on these time and remember the special moments.

There is one thing I know for sure I will not miss-----I can not wait untill the fanny I have to wipe is my own!


Zach and Beth said...

Ok, you made me cry then laugh in the same blog. I love you! I just wanna reach through and give you a big hug, woman!

Sarah said...

Ugh, I know the EXACT feeling. It was especially tough when Heidi turned about 3 1/2 and wouldn't stop talking and she became my shadow. It still drives me nuts. But at least I have for the most part learned how to tune it out so I don't need a straight jacket and a padded wall. Maybe not the best thing to do but, hey, what can I is a survival tactic. This is a great blog though. A great perspective really, pretty soon they won't want to follow us around anymore. I even asked Heidi if she wanted to go to the store with me the other day and she told me no. *sigh* It goes by way to fast huh? Thanks for sharing!