March 16, 2008

We Can't Wait Until Spring Break

I don't really know why they call it Spring Break here in Alaska because if you go anywhere in the state it certainly is not spring. That being said the boys began "Spring Break" on Thursday. We have actually had some pretty sunny days. Friday we went to Mill Bay beach and enjoyed the outdoors a bit.

I have a hard time getting all three kids to look at the camera at the same time. No one really wanted to stop running long enough to take pictures anyway. They had some energy to burn.

Caleb says he has found a fossil!

We stood in the cleft of the rock. This "rock" is huge and it has a cleft you could see worn right through the middle. I even enjoy standing in it.
Saturday we went to the Easter Egg Scramble at the base and saw the Easter bunny.

The Egg Scramble did not take very long so afterwards we went to the bowling alley.

Thats how we started "Spring Break" The kids and I will try and keep busy this week and hope we can outdoors some more! Even if it isn't spring exactly we plan to enjoy a little down time and have some fun.


Sarah said...

How FUN! I love Caleb's fossils...those are really fossils eh? But fossils of what? Interesting.
The girls like to dig under the rocks around here to dig up the baby crabs, I thought that looked like what Caleb was holding.
You are a pretty fun mom!

Love you!

Becca and Jason said...

Looks like Peach isn't a big fan of the Easter Bunny!!!
Fun start to the break - spring or not!

geoandar said...

Hi Aaron and I had A nice chat Sunday night I am soo proud of the five of them.