March 25, 2008

MickyDee's or Mac and Cheese?

Well its about 3:15 here. I just finished a 5 page paper for my ethics class which took all day and is the reason the house is trashed. I have class tonight at around 7 and I need to return a movie to Blockbuster. As it happens tonight is also free happymeal night with the purchase of a value meal at the golden archs. Ronald, its you, me and the three tonight!


Sarah said...

HA! This cracks me up. I have friends who turn their noses up and refuse to let their kids dine at Ronalds. But I'm not above a free meal or two and the kids think it's gourmet! Plus they love me for taking can you lose??? =-) Love you chica. Miss yah much!


Zach and Beth said...

Dude! I didn't know they had free happy meals! Why didn't you tell me? Dang!

Coffee tomorrow? Love you and miss you friend!