April 1, 2008

Perks of taking online classes!

It is Tuesday and that means its time for my ethics class. I need this class as one of my last General Education Requirements for my degree. I am always nervous when Aaron is not home on class night and try to have a new movie for the kids to watch. I went to the library today and got the kids the Pixar video with the shorts on it. I think they must have liked it because they didn't come interupt me until it was over. I am grateful that they have reached an age where I can lock myself in the bedroom and keep one ear open for them and one ear in class. I get the coke and chips to munch on during class. I usually play a little Majong to get me through the lecture as well!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

That doesn't sound to bad at all. Seriously, how do you eat the stuff and stay skinny. That is the real question. If I ate that crap I would be the size of a HOUSE!!! =-) Some of us are luckier than others ;-)