March 11, 2008

We are here but its been a rough few weeks

Everyone around here has been feeling sick and now finally healthy again. I had a mid-term due for one of my classes and I really need to spend some time working on three 5 page papers for my ethics class. This being the case anytime I am on the computer I am usually doing school work. As everyone knows we changed the clocks this week. I sort of regret this time of year "losing" that extra hour of sleep just sets me back. The benefit is the daylight-of course it was just beginning to be lighter in the morning-the kids and I were actually waiting for the bus in the daylight. The time change made it dark in the morning again but lighter for much longer in the evening. Hmmm-I think lighter in the morning!

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Sarah said...

Back to classes. I am impressed. I couldn't even think of that right now. Hmph. Maybe next year,Hi fives to you though, you deserve it!