March 17, 2008

Ages 4-6

We had a great first day of Spring Break. It was nice and sunny so we went to the park to play. We had a little bit of a scary moment when Caleb lost his show behind the skateboard ramp he had been playing on. Thank goodness I was able to reach it and Caleb didn't have to come home shoe less.
I had some pretty strict rules this week about Spring Break.
1. There will be only 1 hour of video games a day. (I know I am the worst mom in the world.)
2. Each boy had to work on school work each day.(Even better.)

The work sheets would be easy because I have a lot of "good intentions" workbooks in the closet.
So Eli was going to work on subtraction with borrowing and Caleb needed to practice writting his name "the school way" This means only the first letter could be a capital letter and the others had to be lower case.

I wrote it the first time and he wrote the other two times. Not bad huh?

Then we got out one of the other books he has which is just a fun activity book really with dot to dots and those kinds of things. There was this squrell puzzle.

This book is supposed to be for 4-6 year olds and it was really kicking my butt! So after trying for another 10 minutes or so.........I totally looked up the answer in the back of the book.

Now, I can't get blogger to let me post the finished picture! I will try to get it up later when blogger likes me again.


Sarah said...

Dang it, I HATE it when kid puzzles kick my butt!!! PPPTT. Caleb did awesome on his name.
Oh, and by the way...1 hour of video games a day? You ROCK as a mom!! You'll have to go to "blogs I like" at the top right of my page. Then under Mrsaudvm's page under her blogs that she likes on the left of her page, there is a blog called "Worst. Mama. Ever." which is a blog that I think 11 people write on and it is all about their worst moments in parenting. I enjoy reading them, some of them really cheer up my day!! WOOT WOOT

Love yah!

Becca and Jason said...

You're such a mean mom! How did day 2 of Spring Break go?? :)
I like the new look of the blog, too!