January 6, 2009

Curly Hair Girl

Last night I decided to roll Peachies hair in foam rollers. I was wondering how long the curl would last as her hair is board straight like mine. I moused and hair sprayed each section before rolling it. Then she had to wear a pair of clean panties on her head to hold the curlers in while she slept. I didn't have anything else. She had a little trouble falling asleep but when she woke up in the morning she looked so cute with her curls.

I could not get her to keep her eyes open for any of these pictures.

Silly Girl!

I think she thought if she kept her mouth open she would be able to keep her eyes open too!
Peachies big gift this year was a doll house with furniture. We have really had fun time playing with it.

Rambo Caleb


Anonymous said...

The underwear on her head is beyond cute. What a resourceful mom you are!

A bit of randomness #1 - My mom and I were wondering if blackberries grow in Kodiak.

Randomness #2 - The word verification below is "fred owl." Much better than "feces" I had to leave on Rachelle Powers' blog!

Melissa said...

I have never seen blackberries. But we have salmonberries. Which are quite similliar though not as sweet. I think they grow in Washington as well. I had never seen them until we moved here but they also grow in the interior of Alaska.

Sarah said...

Ha! You crack me up. Hey remember that Civics project we had to do and we had to create our own world. Didn't we call it Watina Manissa or something like that? Remember we used having to wear underwear on their heads for a punishment in our little "world"...cracks me up. Your undies made me think of that. Cute curls she had! Avon sells these rag curlers that I tried on Heidi the other day. They stay in great and they left her with big beautiful soft curls. A little easier to sleep in too. But I have to say...Peachie's hair turned out great! See...you ARE a hairdo mom after all! Love you friend!