June 7, 2008

Swimsuit for Hawaii!

I just ordered my new swimsuit for Hawaii. I have never spent that much on a swimsuit. I really hope it was worth the money.

I chose this suit! I like the option of lengthening or shortening the skirt. Plus my friend Beth reminded me this suit would be great for sittitng down at a beach side restaurant without feeling under dressed as in a bikini bottom.


Sarah said...

WHOOOOOOOWEEEEE! (catcall) That is a SUPER cute swim suit! When are you guys taking off??? SO FUN!!!

Becca and Jason said...

Too cute!!!

Oh, and don't forget your canning jars for your trip - you know, to can some sunshine and warmth for the rest of us!!! ;)

Zach and Beth said...

That is so cute! I think the pink/green one will be cute too though. Hmm...I'll just have to see them both to give my full opinion. Love ya!