June 26, 2008

Swim Lessons!

Caleb did and awesome job in swimming lessons this week. Here he was finally able to reach the bottom of the pool and get the disk!

Peachie did a great job waiting for swimming lessons to be over!
Eli was upstairs in the HS auditorium practicing for the play he is in tomorrow. I plan to get pictures tomorrow of the performance. It's a play called Twinderella...a spoof on the story of Cinderella. I will share more later with his pictures.

Talk about sticker shock! This is what it cost us to fill the Durango today!


ddeloose said...

Our gas down here has not yet gone over $4.00 but who's to say I have yet to go out today.

Sarah said...

Ugh, I say drill for American oil. Ridiculous. I am glad we got rid of the Expedition when we did. When we were in Idaho everyone was raving about how the gas was under 4$--yeah well, it was $3.99--since when is that a good deal??? My rear end.