June 6, 2008

Little Things

My children are needy.

They make many requests through out the day.

Can we have a snack?

Can you we watch TV?

Can I have a drink?

Case in point we went to the park this evening the sun finally came out this evening. So we jumped in the car to go to the park.
Apparently the kids really worked up a thirst because on the way home Caleb asked me three times to please make him "a nice cool glass of water" when we get home.

Well, I didn't get to it right away. I don't know how I forgot! So when he asked me again at home I had to admit I was a little bit testy. Thank goodness I checked and realized an important lesson. By taking only two minutes to fulfill his simple request I was honoring him. If I can stop being busy with house and personal stuff long enough to just help him with a happy attitude and we are both blessed. Not to mention I needed some water too!

Oh, and that is a stock photo....I don't put fresh cut lemons in my kid's water!


Sarah said...

I don't cut lemons in my kid's water either, but Heidi (spoiled thing) does ask me to squeeze some lime in there for her. Spoiled ROTTEN I say...

Zach and Beth said...

Thank you for that reminder. Although mine don't talk yet, this is still something I struggle with. Love you, friend!