December 20, 2008

Christmas Parties

The last week of school before Christmas was very busy. Everyone had parties! Peachies class had a little potluck and small gift exchange. One of the students in her class is Philippino and her mom brought in a huge dish of yummy food. It was rice noodles and chicken with veggies and just plain yummy. Another mom had made salmon dip with crackers. There was fresh fruit. Grapes were on sale at the commissary (yeah) and a cupcake for everyone. I laughed about the typical Kodiak mix of ethnic food and salmon.
Friday was the East Elementary School sing-a-long. Basically the whole school meets in the gym to have a top ten Christmas song count down. There were even quite a few religious songs with Joy to the World and Silent Night was number three. One of the island drummers performed and they sang using a Russian Orthodox Starring whatever it is. It was neat. The school really does a great job of encouraging each child and the teachers are very supportive, warm and friendly. I really do like their school. Afterwards both classes had parties with lots of good treats to eat.
Friday night was Peachies pre-school performance. Its a very short but sweet yearly show with about three Christmas carols and a visit from Father Christmas.
Peachie was a super start and struck an awesome pose after each song. The Koehlers came to watch which was so sweet of them. Aaron had to work so it was nice to have our family there. I don't know what I will do if they don't get to stay here a little longer.
Sing It!

Peachie with Father Christmas.

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Zach and Beth said...

Oh, we love you guys too! I can't even think about us NOT being here longer. I refuse to think about it. Maybe I'll move in with you. Aaron's only there part time anyway, right? *snort*

Peach, you did SUCH a good job last night! Gabriel loved dancing while you were singing.