December 13, 2008

Orphan Flu Round 3?

I don't know what is going on here but last night around 11pm just as I layed down in a nice hot bubbly bath with a new book I heard the all to familiar sound of a child vomiting. Yes, once again I found myself mopping up the dinner contents of my baby girls belly. This one was a hard one as there was quite a bit of it. To make matters worse Aaron won't be home today as he is now working 72 hours on 24 off through Christmas Eve. That means he will be home 2 days between now and then. We don't have our tree up yet. Its hard to feel merry.
So I got the girl all cleaned up. She got to sit in my bath. This time she was really weak afterwards. Even today she is just starting to perk up. We had planned to go see Santa. This is the "real" Santa. He arrives either by helicopter or fire truck. Its looking like a helicopter day as the weather is clear. I am waiting to the last minute to decide if I am going to drag her out or not. I kinda "need" a few things at Wally world too, as my fall decorations aren't put away yet. I need to get a bigger tote and I wanted to print our photo cards so I could get those out on Monday.
So if you could send us get well and stay well vibes I would really appreciate it!

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