April 23, 2008

Updates for Us!

Well the weather has been so nice we haven't been spending a lot of time in the house. The kids play outside and we go for walks almost every night. We did get a visit from the State Troopers this week which was interesting! Eli found one of our old cell phones in a drawer and had asked if he could play with it. The kids had a great time taking pictures all weekend with the camera feature. Even Peachie got in on the action and was constantly asking Aaron and I to pose. She even took a picture of the cat using his litter box!
Monday night the kids were messing around with the phone again while Aaron and I were working on dinner. Aaron's current cell phone started ringing and it was the Police Dispatch! Apparently the kids had dialed 911! So we of course were surprised because we didn't think you could do that. This phone has no service! I guess because we didn't change the cell number when we got the new number or something. So we took the phone away-then later a state trooper showed up to make check everything out. EMBARRASSING! He was cool thought I suppose they have to make sure that it really was an accidental call or something.
I don't have any pictures right now because I need to work on a better way for filing them on the -puter and Aaron is as work today.
TA! TA! for now.

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Sarah said...

Ha! That is hilarious! I wouldn't guess you could do that either...I better check to make sure our old phone that Heidi plays with can't dial 911!
Thanks for the laugh!