April 13, 2008

Here's Whats Happening In Our Neck Of The Woods

I know it has been a while since I put some new pictures up on the blog so I decided to do one big post and get everything caught up. So much is going on right now that it is hard to know where to start. This time of year is really hard for me. Everything (as in the kids school, my school, AWANA and Children's church) is winding down and I justit all to be over so we can slow down a little bit. Yet I still need to put it the same amount of time and effort to fulfill my responsibilities. I can't wait for "summer" to come.

Caleb has a killer sense of fashion. He picks out his own clothes every morning for school and loves to dress up Peach in her play clothes. Caleb and Peach are actually pretty good budies.
We have caught pictures of all of the kids in crazy sleeping positions at one time or another. Here is Peaches contribution to the family timeline.

Peach and I went to the Wildlife Refuge for their FUN day. We had a lot of fun and even got cozy with a big Kodiak Bear!

We started out Saturday with a trip to the ER. Aaron and Caleb were wrestiling or something and Caleb hurt his arm. We thought for sure he had broke his arm by the amount of pain he was in.

It turned out he had something called "nursemaids elbow." They did take an x-ray an were able to pop in back in place. He was fine by the time he got home. Aaron had treated him to a new Webkinz for being so brave.
We did alot of other fun stuff this weekend and had a great dinner with the Kodiak Koehlers. Beth has all the pictures on her camera so hopefully she will update her blog soon!


Sarah said...

I am loving the upside down fairy wings and awkward sleeping position, our kids never give us entertainment like that in that department! Poor Caleb! I am glad it wasn't to terribly serious though! Great post! I love seeing the kids!

ddeloose said...

Hey Missy
Great Pictures Of The Kids.
Oh By The Way:

ddeloose said...

That didn't come out right I should have used the preview button.
I also forgot to ask if you were going to play BINGO at your party?

The Griffins said...

No Bingo at my party but my good friend and I went to the Bingo Hall this weekend and played a round of Bingo. I didn't when any money but it brought back good memories of all the B-day parties when you called Bingo numbers for us. I love you Dad.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Miss---your birthday is still on tax day right?? =-)