May 23, 2009

Tag: I'm IT!

I know I am so lame. I haven't blogged in a whole month but it has been crazy and well raising kids and keeping a house clean and a husband happy is a lot of work. A. Lot. Of. Work. Wow I always want'ed to write one of those super punctuated sentences and I finally got the chance. Anyway I got tagged my friend Cheri to find the sixth picture flolder and publish my sixth picture so here it goes.

Ah our first Halloween in the new house in Kodiak. Eli was a pirtate and Caleb was a cowboy and Peach was just a twinkle in our eyes. That day I remember because it was a day like today. The wind was just whipping like crazy, but like all good parents we took them downtown to get candy. It was Halloween after all. Eli's hat blew away but we had least for a little while.

Today is CrabFest. It's really a small carnival with a few rides and really good food an fun stuff to look at. Its more about the running into people and chatting. Sadly today the weather is crummy. Normally we go the parade today then go have lunch and put the kids on the rides. And after alomost two weeks of super amazing weather today it rains. Not just your plain old rain. Were talking straight up Kodiak Island style where it blows 30 mph with gusts to 50 and a nice balmy 42 degrees with a 31 degree windchill. Yah were staying home this time. Maybe it will clear up and we can get down and enjoy the fun before they pack it up on Monday!

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