April 23, 2009

Carmens The Champion

Anyone out there remember that guy! I am sure you do. My old church used to put on these dramatic mini operas with his music. He was really cool especially back in the day. Anyway Aaron found one of his songs and we played it for the kids last night. We told the they had to close there eyes and picture it in their mind. Then we talked about it and used it as a time to share a devotion and talk about the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for us.
Eli got very emotional he is very sensitive and so open to the Spirit. We prayed and had a really neat night just sharing our faith with the kids. In case you wanted to hear it again here is a youtube video. Try closing your eyes while you listen.


Sarah said...

I used to LOVE Carmen!! Good stuff. But I just can't close my eyes dear friend. That is way too dramatic for me.
When people tell me to do that, I can't stop giggling. Kind of like when our family wanted to sit around Christmas and sing Christmas carols. I get nervous and start sweating. Don't ask me why...I'm so weird. Ha ha.
((hugs)) Thanks for sharing your devotion with us! Glad your kids are so open to the Holy Spirit...what a precious gift!!

Melissa said...

You and Caleb must have fell from the same emotional tree because he was suppressing giggles and dancing in his seat to the music.

Sarah said...

I love that kid already...;-)