May 29, 2009

May Mayhem!

Mostly just a picture update. Things have been a little nuts around here. I finished my fall semester. I received all A's! I had one week off and then started my summer classes. This summer I am taking a Children's Literature class which so far is really interesting and I will also be taking a 5 week Art for Children class in June.
Naomi was in a performance of Alice and Wonderland. She was a teacup and was so pretty. The boys just finished school this week on Wednesday and are already enjoying there summer break. Aaron had a visit to the Emergency room for some heart problems. He has atrial fibrillation he's had it for about 8 years. Every 4-5 years he has an episode and in May he had another one. This time medication was able to get it back on track but the doctor here wants him to go see the specialist in Anchorage. We may be looking at surgery. The surgery involves sending a wire through the femoral artery to basically electrocute the nerve that causes the problem. Apparently it is pretty common solution but we will see. Please pray for us as we determine what the best solution is and that the doctors will have wisdom as to what to do.
So next week he heads over for a ANG one week drill and to see the doctor. Me and the kids are hoping to catch the C130 and fly over to spend about 2 weeks with my mom and then I can go with Aaron to the doctor.
Peach graduated pre-school so now all of my kids are "in school." I think it will really hit me come August when I drop them all off. The boys are in baseball this spring and really having a good time. Caleb took a really good fall off the top of the monkey bars and Eli accidentally hit a kid with a bat at the first practice but hey life is exciting around here. We had almost two weeks of super nice weather in May but unforutnatley the wind and rain blew in and Crab Fest was kind of bust this year. Sunday cleared up a little bit so the kids and I headed downtown. The rain blew in pretty good just after we finished up the rides. There is a curse about Crab Fest. If it is sunny for CF then it will be a rainy summer. We shall see we had alot of rain for CF so we should have a great summer. The Koehlers have been hanging out with us quite a bit and we have enjoyed backyard fires and yummy dinners. The kids Gabriel and Donavyn have a name for me now! They call me Mimi!
Well that was May in a nutshell. It was a crazy month at our house. I am hoping the June calms down a bit and that we can make it off the island for a few weeks.
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Anonymous said...

Well, I can't see the pictures!! Maybe later. And what's baseball season without hitting someone or getting hit, with a bat.

I'll pray for you guys as you determine what's best for Aaron!!!