September 23, 2008

Weird Dream

From Aaron:

For some odd reason, whenever I travel, I have the weirdest dreams. I think it has something to do with lightly sleeping in unfamiliar places. This dream probably has more to do with the inordinate amounts of news I’ve been watching over here….since there isn’t much else on. Either way, it’s weird, and here it is…

So I have gone to school to have lunch with the boys...sitting at their tables in the cafeteria. It just so happens that on this day, President Bush is visiting the school and decides to sit at the table with us. He’s very personable and is having a good time joking with the boys. On this same day, not to be outdone by the Republican machine, Obama happens to be at the school and decides to sit with us at the table also...note, there are no secret service or other attendants or anything.

So Obama sits down....and we all kind of look at each other. A minute goes by and no one says anything...and Pres. Bush and I making rolling eye contact...then Obama stands up and says to me, “Well I guess I'll head out...Tell Peach I’m sorry I missed her today.” Because everyone knows Peachie, including Obama, then turns to walk away. President Bush looks at me, shrugs his shoulders, and under his breath says, “What’s up with that guy?” in his typical joking President way. Obama had stopped and was standing behind the President as though waiting to hear what else he had to say, and I gave the President the “keep quiet cough cough, he’s right behind you sign”. At this the President covers his mouth and laughs with me and the boys…which was when I woke up.

I know weird...I'm not an Obama hater, I don't love him either, but I thought it was a funny dream. I guess my perception of Bush was someone I'd have agood time hangin around, where as Obama was...going through the motions. Sorry if I offend any Obama lovers out there!

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Sarah said...

Too funny!! I love the "because EVERYONE knows peachie" part, I am sure she is the peachie belle of kodiak! Great dream =-)