September 22, 2008

What We Did Last Week but no picutres!

I added pictures at the end!

I think I will give myself (and Aaron) the bloggy consistency star for the week! We are rockin this blog this week!

Okay so I promised Aaron I would post pictures of the kids and what we had been busy doing this week but I haven't yet! Sorry Honey! The kids were of course in school all week which was great they had a busy week. Wednesday is Awana day and we have 17 Cobbie's which is crazy because we have a tiny room to keep them all in. Thursday was Open House at school. Again, I didn't take any pictures but we had fun with the teachers and the kids got to eat an ice cream sundae at school. Saturday we spent time at home and I got to get a little sewing done and then we went to the pool Saturday night. Caleb spent the day with his friend Logan. Logan's dad is a commercial fisherman who also repairs Crab pots on his off season. Caleb and Logan spent the day with John (Logan's dad) at his shop climbing all over the crab pots! I wish I had a picture of that! We also went to open swim at the pool Saturday night. Sunday after church we went to a bonfire at my friend Sherrie's house. Sherrie and her husband Steve just adopted a baby named Melia she is so cute and a very good baby. The kids are really starting to miss Aaron and I am too. Two weeks is just long enough to really start to miss him.

OK so I came back and finished this post later and actually did take a picture. This is Peachies new bed. I tried to get a good shot but her room is small and the kiddos were in a post bath pre-bedtime crazy mood.

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Sarah said...

Friend, did you paint her room? It is BEAUTIFUL! I love cheery! I love her bed and quilt too. Very nice. Oh I noticed on a post further down that Peachy had french braids. I can't believe it!! You did a great job! I know that wasn't your "thing" back in the day, but what little girl could go her whole life with out a french braid? =-) Awesome job! =-)