September 14, 2008

This is no ordianary week

I wanted to get to this story last week but I had a lot of homework and didn't get to it. So here we go! It all started about a week and a half ago. I got a call form Mr. Cobaugh the principal of the christian school I graduated from telling me he and his son Daniel were going to be in Kodiak hunting. They wanted to go to dinner or something if the opportunity came up but they would only be on island for the weekend. Daniel and Tom had been hunting in Kodiak before and we were able to get together both Daniel and Michale come over for track or cross country meets every year as well. I think the boys must like the fact that they know someone here because they always call us and ask us to come to their meets. Daniel really likes Aaron a lot. Daniel and Michael have a form of autism and actually they were the inspiration for me to want to learn how to work with kids with autism and other developmental disorders. I have known the boys since they were two and three.
Okay, so we didn't hear from them and I assumed with the crummy weather on Sunday the would simply just be to busy. That was until 10:30 Monday night when Tom (it feels weird to call him that!) but hey were all adults, called us form the ER. Yep, apparently he and Daniel had ridden out the storm Sunday and then Monday they got a goat. The rain had really soaked the middle of the island and Tom slipped while going down to get the goat and dislocated his shoulder. As a result they were unable to field the goat and had to wait for the float plane to pick them up and take them to the ER leaving the goat and all their gear. The call was to ask Aaron if he knew how to field a goat and could go with Daniel to get everything. Now, Aaron is not really the hunter gatherer type and has never had any experience. Thankfully we know enough people in Kodiak who do so at 10:30 at night we started calling people in the church directory. We scored when our church pastor said he could go with Aaron and Daniel out to get everything. Well Tuesday proved to be a no fly day. We ended up bringing Tom and Daniel back to our house. We had a great time. Daniel played Wii and Peach talked Mr. Cobaugh into a few rounds of Go Fish, Princess memory and War. It was also a great excuse for a King Crab dinner. Yum! Wednesday we needed to find a new person to go out with the guys to get the goat thankfully we were able to find someone to help. They guys were able to fly out and recover the goat it was still intact and gather up all the gear. It made for quite a busy week as the Cobaugh's didn't leave until Thursday but it was so neat to be able to spend time together. On a side note while Aaron and I were discussing who we should call Tom overheard us say we should call a guy named Bruce Beehler. Apparently, they had been in collage together. So Aaron and Tom went up to the Beehlers house to "drop" in for visit. they hadn't seen each other in like 20 years. Totally random huh! They weren't able to go out with them but they did lend the use of their freezer.

Zuko really liked Mr. Cobaugh
These scanned pictures came out weird but I hope you get the idea. It ended up being really cool for Aaron to fly to a part of the island he or I hadn't seen. This is smack dab in the middle of the island. There was a lot of snow and so many lakes they dont even have names.

I love this picuture of him holding that dead goat! I asked him why he had such a mad or whatever was going on face he said that he was standing on an incline and that goat was heavy! When I asked him is hunting might be a new hobby for him he said that maybe if he had the whole experience instead of just the messy part he might like to try it.


Sarah said...

What a great story!! I LOVE the Cobaughs. Tom has gotten gray over the years and I didn't even recognize Daniel! My goodness, how the time flies by in our busy lives. Thank you so much for sharing. Next time you talk to him, tell him your old friend Sarah said hi!

Anonymous said...

Well I TOTALLY missed this blog somewhere along the way - lol. Glad to see everything worked out in the end . . . . well except for Mr. Cobaugh's arm. I don't know if I could ever call him Tom - lol. Denise practically forced me to call her by her first name so I got KIND OF used to that.

Take care :-)