January 3, 2011

Project 365 is off to a great start. A three day great start anyway! Well, after last nights run to the airport was a no go we came home with mom and had a yummy french toast dinner. Mom and I packed the lunches and made the coffee, bathed the kids and sent them to bed for the first day of school 2011. It was nice to wake up to all the busy morning work being done. Although there was this... Mom was home all day and did so much laundry for me the house is totally clean. The sky's parted and she was able to make it out this afternoon but we will miss her for sure. On a roll the lunches are packed and coffee made, as well the cloths set out for tomorrow. This week is looking great.
What Santa Brought!

From Christmas 2010

Walk in the snow on a frozen lake by the sea!
From Christmas 2010

Devon and Andy Their first Christmas married, and they spent it with us!
From Christmas 2010

Mario Caleb
From Christmas 2010


SuperMom said...

I love waking up to your pictures! I love the pic of everyone in the snow on the lake by the sea. Was this in Pasagshak?

Penny Auction Bidding said...

Very beautiful pics...