January 2, 2011

2/365 and Kodiak Weather

Guess what? It's raining! Imagine that adventures on a rainy rock equals rain blowing against the windows in sheets, then turning to snow the size of dinner plates. Actually, having no where to be or go over the holiday weekend kept us cozy indoors and it was really nice to relax. We read, built legos, played a few games and watched movies. A perfect way to end our Christmas Break.
Took the Grandma to the airport tonight to catch her flight home, with no flights leaving the island on the first we weren't very optimistic, and by the time we made it to the airport it had rained, hailed and snowed(huge flakes!) When we arrived the flight desk assured us that every flight had made it in that day so we should be good to go. Alas, no luck was had and Grandma got to come home and spend one last night with us.
That reminds me that tomorrow is back to school and work for everyone. I am actually looking forward to seeing my kiddo's again and the kids need to get back to a regular routine. So tonight the clothes are laid out, lunches are made, everyone is freshly bathed and the coffee is on auto brew.


Pic 2/365 1/02/11 Peach and Caleb at the airport in SNOW!

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SuperMom said...

Sorry the flight didn't get to leave, but lucky you to have Mimi Ginny for one more night! I think I'm going to love this year in pictures! Though, you need to be in some too, ya know.