March 17, 2009

We Are Just So Boring!

Yep not a whole lot going on around here. Here is what everyone is up to.

Me: ( I have to go first since I am the star of this here blog!) Well I was on Spring Break last week so I spent a couple of extra hours at the school. I helped out with picture day and at the book fair. I enjoyed spending time with the teachers and kids. I also figured out my embroidery machine. The machine is so intimidating but I decided to figure it out this week and I had the best results.

Aaron: A. has been off for the last 8 days. We have had an awesome time eating meals together every night and then after putting the kids to be watching movies and hanging out at home. He is heading back to work on Thursday and will restart a 3 day on 1 day off schedule again so this break at home was well needed.

Eli: We had parent teacher conferences before SB and Eli is doing great. Third grade is kind of year where you really build on what you already know. Eli's teacher said he was doing everything he needed to be for a third grader. He is highly motivated and his GT teacher had equal good things. We do need to work on the amount of time Eli spends talking in class. He has brought home many a blue card this year for visiting withe his friends in class.

Caleb: Another good report for Caleb. His reading fluency has gone up so much this year. We are very proud of the work he has been doing and he is constantly getting better and better. His favorite subject right now is Math! Which being a non math person I just can't believe.

Peach: Peach is now in an afternoon pre-school class. Its at the same school just in the afternoon. Her teacher is taking a job in the school district so we decided to move her to a class that wouldn't have a substitute for the rest of the year.

As a family we have tried hiking the Near Island trail but it was so icy and dangerous. Especially since a couple came through with 5 dogs all little yappers not on a leash. The dogs proceeded to try and intimidate us by barking and rushing at us. I was this close to sending one off the trail with my foot. Especially since the part we are on was treacherous with ice. That was not cool.
Another challenge that we have been attempting is NOT shopping Wal-Mart. We don't have anything against WM. We just are trying to be a little more careful about shopping to meet emotional needs. Its so easy to find a reason to just go up to Wal-Mart for a nothing in particular. Once there we start putting things in the cart to make us happy. So far we are 10 days Wal-Mart free! And you know what we haven't "needed" anything.
It snowed a lot today and we got no mail. If the weather is bad then the mail plane doesn't make it in. We tried to go sledding but there just wasn't enough snow what with the big melt we had a few days ago. The snow is beautiful and typical for this time of year. We almost always get a huge snowfall over spring break. It happens just about every year.
This has turned into a multi-day blog post. We got our snow! In fact it is snowing now. Yesterday Wednesday was a the most beautiful day. After snowing and blowing all day Tuesday it was gloriously sunny and warm at 33degrees. We headed out to Fort Abercrombie and walked around on Lake Gertrude and enjoyed the "warm" weather. It was awesome! Then we went to Wal-Mart!

This is the icy trail. There is about 4 inches of solid ice under that snow powder.
Coming up soon....A retell of a Kodiak date night that involves, eagles, sushi and an angry male sea lion! Scary!


Anonymous said...

Didn't do so well on your WM avoidance, huh friend? Know what's really sad? I went the first full day I was here. I know...I about vomited. They even had a Subway in the entrance and I told my mom not to make me go back. Love you and miss you!

~ Guess who ~

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with Target. Darn that store for being two miles from my house!