March 24, 2009

Snow Crazy

I don't know how much snow has fallen yet. There isn't an official count as far as I can tell. I know at some spots there are 4 foot drifts. I know that our house is not protected from the way the wind was blowing. This caused the drifts to get really big. At least four feet and right outside the door and over the window sills. Aaron is still at work and will be until Thursday. Officially I can not get out of the house let alone drive the Durango out. Good thing I stocked up yesterday. You see not only did Kodiak get a storm we the likes of which haven't been seen in 20 years the Volcano..Mt Redoubt erupted 6 times yesterday. Thankfully the eruptions are being pushed high and blowing north so we don't have to worry about ash fall out where we are.

Last night durring the worst part of the storm. Its only about 5 pm but see how dark it was already.

What daylight revealed.

My best effort to get us out was not even close to enough.

Kids on the porch before I shoveled the snow.


Troy and Jenn said...

Melissa, that is crazy! I am so jealous. Just think, we SHOULD have been there right now for this if we hadn't been transfered early! Guess we missed out on that one. I would love an email to hear about the flooding and excitement. Miss you! Love, Jennifer

Zach and Beth said...

Ok, on one hand, I'm uber-jealous that I missed the 50 year storm, but on the other, SO glad I didn't have to be holed up in the house with two kids by myself after two weeks alone dealing with that junk. Wish I were there to help.

flyguy said...