August 31, 2008

Last Days of Summer and First Day of School

Well, the week leading up to the first day of school proved to be a great one. We finally took the opportunity to revisit Fossil Beach. We hadn't been to this side of the Island in two years so it was a long time coming.
The kids had a great time playing in the water. I don't know what it is about kids that can allow them to withstand that kind of cold but they had a blast.

Caleb was actually knocked down by one big wave. He got up laughing like crazy!

Naomi played kitchen with these logs. She insisted on wearing her bathing suit even though it was really windy outside.

Beach Bums!

The boys are showing you which grades they are in this year. Caleb is in First Grade with Mrs. Baker as his teacher. She is an awesome teacher, Eli had her for First Grade as well. There are a lot of kids in his class from kindy and several from our church so that was way cool. Plus, Mrs. Baker is a Christian and very sweet. I had to do submit hours for course work last semester and Mrs. Baker was my host teacher. I will be a classroom mom for Caleb this year and I am really looking forward to spending more time with her. She is a great role model for my teaching years ahead.

I wanted to snap a picture of Eli in his class on the first day of school but by the time I got to his room his teacher was in full swing. Third grade is going to bring allot more responsibility. Eli is totally up to the challenge and can't wait. He is in a two year program with the same teacher, with an emphasis on computers. Each child will be loaned a Mac book (I am so jelous) and learn word processing and technology skills. His teacher was careful to remind the students that they still had to learn how to look things up in a book and write cursive and all the standard school stuff right along with the technology.
There are allot of really cool kids in his class as well, from church and the community that he was happy to see again. He will also be spending time in the GT class so he is a busy boy.

Peach enjoyed a solid week of mom and dad to herself all day. We went for walks, did pre-school work and even went to Taco Bell without the boys. She will start pre-school at the church up the street from us on Tuesday and is really excited. Do you like her hair? I am trying to get better at doing hair and really want to learn how to french braid.

School starts for me on Wednesday. I have 9 credits this semester. A math class designed for teachers. I have already read the first chapter and I think I may enjoy it. It's about teaching the concept of math and not really about solving problems. I am taking a Child Development class by DVD it won't be a hard class and I have my little subjects for observation living in own laboratory! My last class is a Technology class for teachers. I will create a blog to turn in all my assignments on. Things like you tube videos and flicker slide shows. Yeah for me I can do most of that already!
Aaron spent a lot of time this past month at work and in Dallas for training but right now he is home on an 8 day break which has been great. He is gearing up for two more weeks of training in Tokyo, Japan. How cool is that!


Mary said...

Peach's hair looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

That's a link to some family pictures of us - maybe you'll recognize either me or Tyler.

DeLoose! It's all coming back to me now.

Your kids are adorable. I remember (I think) when Caleb was born wasn't your husband gone . . . .as in military gone? Or he was getting ready to deploy? But I think there was something going on . . . . .