August 18, 2008

I Have Resorted to Bribery!

I know I'm not the first mom to do it! I knew it was going to start getting a little crazy when I began counting the days(hour....minutes)left until I can put my kids on the wagon train to parental freedom that is the big yellow school bus and send them to 6 hours of stimulation that does not require my supervision.
It may not have been in as much as a hurry if Aaron had been home fore more then 4 days in the last 3 weeks. (I am serious people only 96 hours) and he is only home for 24 hours all of this week.
So, the bribery I am referring too includes a bowl of glass beads and three canisters. I told the kids they could earn a bead, pebble thingies for helping me out around the house. You know mow the lawn, make a 5 course meal scrub the toilets..oh, wait I already do that. Well I don't mow the lawn. No, I mean things like keep their rooms picked up, vacuum the kitchen floor, put their laundry away. As they earn their pebbles they can use them to "pay" for privileges. Twenty minutes of game boy, wii,or webkinz will cost you a pebble. A candy bar at the store, a pebble. You get the idea. We started this morning and I had three wonderful little helpers running around at my bidding. It was great! The house was picked up and I had time to sit down and do something for myself.
Oh, and because I am the giver of the pebbles I have the threat I mean opportunity to take the pebbles away! (muhaha) Fighting with siblings(minus), not following directives the first time(minus), back talking or bad attitude, good guess(minus). The kind of power that gives a parent is exhilarating!


Mary said...

What a fantastic idea. I might have to borrow that one from you and see how it goes.

Sarah said...

Hey I am not above bribery that is for sure! Makes things easier for me!!