May 29, 2008

Crab Fest Crazy!

Crab Fest is annual event here in Kodiak. It goes back to the days when as they say Crab was King in Kodiak. Crab isn't as big here now, all though here in the next few weeks the guys from the show Deadliest Catch will be in town preparing for there salmon tendering. We only watch the show every now and then but I will see if I can get a picture.
The weather this year was amazing! I don't think the temperature got much over 46 degrees and there was a fierce wind blowing off the still snow covered mountains in the harbor but it didn't rain, not one day!
There is allot to do at Crab Fest and a lot to eat. You may as well not even go if you don't plan on gaining at least 5 pounds.

Peachie asked for "meat on a handle" which is basically beef or pork with BBQ sauce. They are super yummy! We had to try all four vendors to pick the best ones.

The Crab Fest also has rides. They bring them over on the ferry. We have yet to get to Disney or any big amusement parks. (Just waiting till everyone can enjoy the big rides) anyway my guys were big enough to ride some of the bigger rides this year. There is only like 5 rides but they don't mind they rode this hanglide one over and over.

Here we are just having fun!

After looking at all these photo's I noticed my mom was missing. She came to spend the weekend with us and enjoy CF. Hmmm...I need to find the missing Gramma.

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Sarah said...

Cool pictures, I love the one with you and the kids, you look great...the same as you did in high school cutie patooite. Miss yah!