May 9, 2008

April Sunshine Brings May Snow and Rain!

Yes, you heard me right May snow! Not once but twice this month! For some reason I can't find the snow pictures but believe that is certainly not something I would make up. Since the snow ti has been raining for at least 10 days. It's just yucky hear right now but hopefully we can get all the rain/snow out of the way for Crab Fest which for all Kodiakans marks the beginning of summer!

We were fortunate to get off the island this past weekend and go shopping in Anchortown. We rode with Aaron on the AK NG bird.

Its not a stylish ride but its free!
The kids stayed mostly with my mom in Eagle River and Aaron stayed in his room at the hotel! Woot! He had to work Saturday and we left Sunday night but even the short amount of time we had together without the kids was fun.
Here are the kids messing around in the room. They came in to go swimming in the hotel pool.

The rest of the week went well. Eli's school class went tide pooling at Gibson Cove. Aaron and I went along but it was so cold Aaron ended up taking Peach back to the house.

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Sarah said...

Wow guys! How nice for you to have a short little get away. Kind of like a honey moon huh? I wish Todd and I could get away more often...maybe that will be a little preview for your 10th...WOOT WOOT!!! =-) The pictures are great, I love tide pooling, we have some great places here. Hopefully you guys will get some warmer weather soon!!! Brrrrr!!!!