January 15, 2012

Project 52-Week 2

 Yes, my son would figure out how to do a science fair experiment involving video games.
 Would you like to buy a Girl Scout cookie?
 I'll quote my friend Kelly-I live in Soviet Union 1984.  That or it's just tanner crab season in my fishing town AND Safeway is sending one less container.
I loved Highlights as a kid and now Peach is getting them.  I hope they hold the same appeal for her as they did for me. 


Virginia said...

Yes he would and yes I will

SuperMom said...

Oh, no! I didn't know Peach was selling Girl Scout cookies! I just ordered a lot from a friend in Astoria, and I can't afford more. Dang it! I didn't even think about her doing Girl Scouts this year. Remind me next year and I'll order from her. And then hopefully you can just put them all in your freezer so we can get them when we return back to Kodiak.

My kids are getting High Five - the Highlights for pre-schoolers. I just loved Highlights as a kid. How is Eli's science experiment going?