January 8, 2012

Project 52 -Week 1

Hello and Welcome back to my blog. I'm not really very good about this blogging thing but I do think about blogging. I'm doing something a little different this year for photography and blogging. Instead of posting a picture each day I plan on taking pictures through out the week. Taking a picture everyday, while doing everything else was...well difficult. I love taking pictures of my family, I'm still trying to find "My Style" and I really need the support! So post comments please. My goal for this year is post a few pictures each week. Some weeks it might be only one picture!

The last of the New Years bubbly, mixed in with some POM juice. Best way to start the New Year.

It is not Christmas in this house without Star Wars Legos.

And maybe some Halo lego-wannabe. We try to not to be prejudice.

I really wanted to use my new 85 mm lens and take some portrait shots but it was so cold. Negative 8 degrees does not agree with me. I accidentally got this shot when I was shivering.

Warmed up a little bit this weekend and we now have beautiful snow!


SuperMom said...

These are amazing! You have such a great eye. I love your accidental picture.

tsassard said...

I love your pictures and comments, Missie. It's a great way to keep posted on the ones I love so much in Kodiak! Keep up the good work, PLEASE!