July 14, 2009

Hike up the Old Woman

Last week we decided to take a hike up one of the local trails to the top of a mountain they call Old Woman. I'm not sure why they call it that but my kids were calling Old Lady mountain. Its a pretty steep trek up but not terrible we reached the top in about 30 minutes. Since it has been so warm probably 75 that day we were going to attempt to make it to a snow melt pool at the top. Well, we thought it was at the top. In our minds we would get to the top and be greeted by a beautiful snow melt lake to swim and cool off in. WRONG. We made it to the top with a lot of encouragement given to Peach and ended up meeting another group that was hiking back to the lake as well. Oh no worries they said just go that way and you can't miss it. Well we ended up walking another mile and a half to get to the lake. It was worth it to splash around, throw snow and swim in a warm pond all at the same time.

A view of Kodiak from the top.

The BEST view in Kodiak!

The kids acted out a story I read to them about Abe Lincoln. Caleb was Abe!


Sarah said...

Fun day you guys! Peach is a little trooper. Heidi would have been complaining I think by then....and she is the older one!

Troy and Jenn said...

Oh, it makes us so homesick to be reminded of the pool up there! And to see housing below! Maybe we will be back in a few years and then we can join you. Miss you all! the Breviks