October 21, 2007

Only in Alaska

We still need to get the munchkin pictures up. The munchkins were dancing and the pictures we took on Saturday were blurry. So we are going to try again on Monday. I had a few other things to share. The first are taken from the newsletter the school sends home. Good thing my kids don't walk to school. We have lived in Kodiak 5 years and still have not seen a bear.

October 07 blog pics 002

I also have a funny song to share. Sarah if you are reading this you should find it hilarious.

You may have already seen it but I still chuckle when I see it.


And a picture of the kids for fun. This was a few weeks ago before going to AWANA.October 07 018


Beth and Zach said...

I can't wait to see pics of Eli as a munchkin! Did ya get the pants done today? I want to see him in the costume soon!

Sarah said...

Hey---oh my word, that Spanish love song cracks me up, it totally reminds me of something we'd be singin' in high school!!! FUNNY! I loved the pics of the kids in their Awana uniforms! Heidi was a Cubby last year and we started this year but there is WAY too much going on this year with small group the next day and staying up late (past 9pm) 2 days in a row. I don't know why Awanas has to be so late here! So anyways, maybe we will do it again next year!
Miss you friend!